Thanks to The Wine Connection, St. Giles Cheese, and Pjayz Kitchen, we were able to host a really successful Wine and Cheese Event in the cultural quarter of Northampton. 

Understanding the challenges 

Pjayz Kitchen is a restaurant in its infancy. They had barely opened their restaurant to the public before COVID-19 forced the UK into another lockdown, and since then they had struggled to get their gorgeous restaurant noticed. 
Paulina, the head chef, has designed a beautiful menu and has created a lovely venue for people. Yet, filling the restaurant has proved challenging for various reasons. 
Alongside the usual marketing activities, TJ Marketing came up with the idea to run a Wine and Cheese event in the restaurant to bring people in to discover the restaurant. 

Consulting the Wine and Cheese Experts 

Gorgeous cheese selection
Here, at TJ Marketing, we are firm believers that a major key to success is to create good relationships with other businesses and local suppliers. So, to create the Wine and Cheese event, we decided to consult the experts. 
The Wine Connection and St. Giles Cheese already had a pre-existing relationship pairing wines and cheeses for events, and after even a brief conversation with both businesses it was clear that they were true experts in their field. 
We introduced Pjayz Kitchen to these businesses so they could build productive relationships. 

Overcoming a few obstacles before running the event 

Creating such an event was not without its obstacles. Despite the TJ Marketing team having good experience at creating and marketing, they had never specifically run a Wine and Cheese night before. 
So, it seemed like a good idea for a social. 
Sitting around together, a few glasses of wine and a variety of exotic cheeses is not the worst way to perform your research. It became abundantly clear that there were some preconceptions about Wine and Cheese nights that weren’t quite true. 
The event was run without pretention. There was no purpling the prose or anyone making themselves out to be any more experts than they were. In fact, the hosts seemed to be enjoying the process and the event just as much as the customers did. 
Our team had a great night, and a good basis to build from. 
TJ Team Social

Creating the Wine and Cheese event 

The team had about three weeks to create and market the event. To do this we used a combination of print marketing and social media. 
After designing and creating leaflets to be distributed by Pjayz Kitchen through their customers and their takeaway deliveries, we put together a Facebook Ads campaign as well as littering posts throughout the normal social media. 
By the time the event was run, there was almost double the projected amount of tickets sold. Luckily for the event, both the Wine Connection and St. Giles Cheese were exceptionally understanding and flexible enough. 

The Wine and Cheese Event was go 

The Pjayz Kitchen team worked hard to make sure that the restaurant was set ready for the event. A section of the restaurant was cordoned off and set specifically for the Wine and Cheese Night. 
Paulina and her team worked hard on creating some of the tastiest canapés you can imagine. The restaurant was gleaming. 
There were very few teething problems to worry about. Tracy had spent most of the day wrapping her tongue around the tricky wines and cheese names. The TJ Marketing team worked together front of house and throughout the night to make sure that the customers wanted for nothing. 

The Result 

Wine and Cheese event
It was amazing to see the restaurant so full. Tables that had arrived separately eventually were talking about the wines together. As we walked around the tables, we were regaled with funny anecdotes and people asking us when we should be holding the next event. 
Once the event was over, people stayed comfortably to have a few more drinks. There has been an uptake of interest in a repeat event. 
If you are interested in more information about the Wine and Cheese event, or would like to know more about how we can help you with your next event, please don’t hesitate to email us on 
Pjayz Kitchen Team
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