It does feel, somehow, that Autumn has started early. Only the odd night lost to simmering heat, and very little complaining about sweating in the office. Soon the kids will be going back to school, and then starts the cascade of autumn celebrations that will see us all the way to Christmas and New Year. 
Many businesses rely on a good autumn. It is the biggest sales period of the year. But because it is so important, the marketplace is busy. Everyone is shouting all at once. The blacks and orange of Halloween all give way to the red and whites of Christmas. After a while, it can just be a little like white noise. 
The important question is: how do you stand out in a loud festive market? 

First up, you can be relatable. 

The first thing to consider is the pain points of your customers. You are busy creating offers and seasonal products. Your customers, however, are overwhelmed. They have all this input coming at them from all sides. What you should do is try to help them through Christmas. 
Show that you understand they’re overwhelmed. Ply them with useful information on how to navigate the screaming wants of their children, or to choose between various products all claiming to be the best thing ever! 
Perhaps, even, adopt a playful cynicism about Christmas and Halloween itself. Many adults, especially parents, will relate to that this autumn. 

Get your target audience involved. 

A lot of businesses are still falling into the trap of focusing their social media solely on selling their services. You could end up anaesthetising your audience for your products if that is all that you’re doing. However, you could try some user generated content. 
Ask your audience to rate your team’s Halloween costumes. You could ask them fun questions or run “like and share” competitions to help boost the amount of people exposed to your brand. 

Do things the old-fashioned way this autumn. 

There used to be a time when we’d be excited to see an email and treat all our direct mail with suspicion. Now everything is online, the postman turns up to the office with a measly envelope. Shake that up this autumn. 
Create a direct mail campaign. Use a colourful, and preferably handwritten, envelope. In that mail campaign, make sure that your marketing materials are fun and memorable. Don’t excite your customer by sending what looks like a greetings card just to have a folded sales pitch on thick paper. 

Send a gift to your loyal customers. 

If you have repeat customers, this is the time to thank them. Sending them a unique and seasonally themed gift will not only cement their loyalty, but they are likely to shout about it on social media to all of their friends. 
A simple and thoughtful gift, this autumn, will increase the brand advocacy of your customer base. 
Just let us know if you’re giving out bumper bottles of Champagne! 

Autumn is there for the taking. 

Your main objective here is to stand out. That can’t be done by following the curve of every single other business out there. How soon will you find that pumpkins and tinsel are no longer exciting. Get your camera out, take videos and pictures, and shake things up a little. 
If you need any help with your Halloween and Christmas marketing this autumn, contact us on 01604 698 948 or email with any enquiries. 
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