Here we all are, in the downward slope of 2022. Finally, it seems, we have got to grips with the “new normal”, and business is working more fluently. There have been so many changes this year that affect what we do. Zuckerberg has rebranded, Elon Musk joined the Social Media moguls, and even Google Analytics has undergone a facelift. 
The number of avenues and techniques there are to Digital Marketing now is astounding. Digital Marketing, considering is soon to reach it’s 30th birthday, has changed so much. It has become a complete, potent, and diverse arsenal for any organisation that is interested in growth. And it has provided so many avenues for a business to reach its audience. But how many of them are built to last? 
Not everything has the longevity of email marketing. There are some marketing trends that just might not survive another year. 

Marketing on Twitter might not last throughout 2023 

There have been many mixed reactions to the blue bird’s new boss. On one side you have those who believe that Musk can do no wrong. There are others who are already starting to see cracks in the façade. The Twitter takeover has not been smooth, and resignations cannot be written fast enough. 
Twitter used to be a viable marketing platform. It had high reach and credibility. However, recently there is a simmering toxicity that surrounds it. When people take to Twitter these days, it isn’t for a wholesome sharing of life events. It is to express an angry point that cannot seem thought through in the limited character space of the microblogging giant. Already we are seeing companies walking away waving their hands as though they don’t want to get any Twitter on them. 
Unless there is a serious turnaround at chez Musk, Twitter marketing might become a thing of the past. 

Celebrity endorsements on social media 

With celebrity comes influence and power. Some celebrities, such as Marcus Rashford, use their influence to help people and change the world. Others use it to help business sell products. For this to work, however, you need trust. Consumers won’t just buy products because they are told to anymore, and celebrities aren’t held in quite as high regard as they used to be. In fact, if 2022 has taught us anything, people are beginning to eye celebrity with a healthy spoonful of scepticism. 
This year, GenZ and Millennial consumers have begun to lose trust in celebrities. Only 38% of millennials now trust a celebrity endorsement, falling significantly from the previous year. Yet, 50% will listen to social media influencers. This may be linked to the 88% of consumers who believe authenticity is important. People just don’t find celebrity endorsements compelling anymore. 

Pay to play Social Media Marketing might plummet in 2023 

If Social Media Marketing’s user experience had improved over the past year, people might not be looking for alternatives in 2023. However, Meta have overhauled the ways that their advertising is conducted, and not everyone is overly enamoured with its complexity. People just aren’t seeing the results that they used to, and their convoluted analytics don’t help them understand why the results are lower. But that isn’t the entire reason that social media marketing might not be as prevalent in 2023. 
Many business owners are keeping their weather eye on the horizon. If the Economist is to be believed, 2023 will inevitably be marred by the arrival of a recession. This means that marketing investments will seek guarantees. Results must be promised, and if Twitter and Meta can’t meet these guarantees, then more money might be put on Google, or invested in better websites as opposed to social media marketing. 

Audacious and heavily filtered Instagram 

Finally, we come to the darling of social media. Instagram is a favourite of the younger consumer. Millennials and GenZ spend a lot of time interacting with posts, stories, and reels. However, as mentioned previously, authenticity is order of the day. 
Brands needs to drop the glitzy filters and demonstrate their products in a more honest environment. Their services will be better received if they finally trust the consumer to be able to envision their products in a more pragmatic and realistic light. 
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