Marketing, to some business owners, is like the black arts. On the outside, we are time travellers that manage to work all 25 hours of the day. Even when your operations director is sleeping, marketing is happening, leads are being found. No wonder we all like coffee. 
Small business owners worry about the time needed for marketing. In fact, sometimes a small business will cease all marketing activities when they are busy, only to find that there are large quiet areas in their diary later on in the year. But they don’t have the time. 
Honestly, we sympathise entirely. Marketing does need time. But you don’t need to be bent over the computer the entire time. Do you want to know the secret? 

Planning (as best you can) 

We are aware that planning is an optimistic word. Things happen in every industry that need to be suddenly shoehorned into your social or content calendar. But, for the most part, it is important to try and get yourself ahead of the game by a week or two. 
Put some time aside each week to focus on your social media, email marketing, or writing an article. Even if the first half of your Monday is spent plotting content and weaving stories, it will help you stay consistent. 

Automation is your friend 

We can’t sing the praises of CRM systems, social media schedulers, or email marketing platforms. With a little work, you can have them reacting to customers, or putting posts out when you’re in the middle of that golf meeting. 
With the right tools, you can email potential customers when they abandon their carts on your website. You can put out social media content at the time the largest portion of your audience is online. You could even wish Dave a happy birthday, though you have never met him. A little automation goes a long way. 

Outsource your difficult tasks 

Not everyone is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer. Not everyone has painstakingly put themselves through expensive university courses to learn how marketing does what marketing does. Let’s be honest, everyone is an expert in their own field. You are the best at what you do. 
A lot of business owners don’t put content out there simply because they don’t know how, or they have crippling impostor syndrome. Asking for a little help is not a weakness. Marketing agencies will be able to do all those tasks that you can’t get your head around.. 

Get your SEO sorted by a professional 

Having a website is great. It’s important. In fact, most businesses might be sunk without it. But just having a website is not enough. It needs to be sat on Page one or settled in the snack pack at the top of Google searches. Most of this is achieved by perfect SEO. 
Remember, a lot of time will be saved if your business behaves well on Google. Search Engines like specific parameters and getting a professional in to work on your SEO will drastically improve your website rankings. They will know all about the many fancy tools that Google can offer your business, and they make sure that your website can be found by the right people. 

Making time is about creating a habit 

You know that your sales are directly linked to your marketing. That’s what makes it so frustrating when you finish a week without having made time to do anything. But it’s really about creating a habit. Make it so your diaries and calendars block out that time, and make a habit of it. After a few weeks, you won’t even need to think about where you will be at midday on a Monday. 
For more information, or for help with your marketing, then please get in touch and we can arrange a coffee and a chat. Contact us on 01604 698 948 or email with any enquiries. 
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