Its October, and Spooky season is officially upon us! Halloween, with its ghouls, goblins, witches, and wizards, is more than just a night of frights. It’s also a great opportunity to boost your business with some seasonal marketing. With the right spooky marketing strategies, you can engage your audience, drive sales, and get your business noticed in a fun and memorable way. 
However, theres no need to wait until the end of the month to come up with interesting marketing ideas and sales promotions. So, we’ve put together some bewitching Halloween marketing tips to ensure that your business doesn’t miss out on the holiday spirit this year. 

Spooktacular social media: 

You can easily accessorise your storefront with pumpkins and fake spiderwebs, but you can also decorate your online presence! Update your social media profiles with Halloween themed posts. Share your teams costume creations and engage your audience with Halloween related polls, quizzes, and content. Share blog posts, videos or infographics that highlight your products or services in a creepy context or offer some advice for a memorable Hallows eve experience. Don’t forget to use haunting hashtags to boost your exposure and get better results. 

Eerie email campaigns: 

Craft engaging email marketing campaigns with scary subject lines, graphics and offers. You could share spooky stories or tips related to your products or services. In the spirit of the holiday, you could add a fun spin to your email signatures. A playful, Halloween-themed signature adds a personal touch to your message. 

Encourage unnerving User-Generated Content: 

Launching a Halloween themed user-generated content campaign can help you to interact with your customers and increase engagement. You could start a Pumpkin carving competition, encouraging customers to post pictures of their creations, tagging your business in hopes of receiving a prize. Or offer a dress-up discount in store to increase foot traffic to your business and maximise sales. Offer a discount or gift with purchase to anyone who appears in costume. Not only will this marketing tactic encourage customers to visit your business, but it also creates an opportunity for user-generated content. You could even offer an extra bonus if they post their costumes on social media and tag your business. 

Offer a harrowing Halloween-themed product or service: 

Boost your sales this month by offering a Halloween-themed product, service, or menu. Themed items are always appealing to customers and typically make for great social media material. For example, Bakeries could market a limited-time ghost shaped cookies to lure their customers in with a new and fun treat. The aspect of this being a limited-time seasonal treat makes customers more inclined to purchase it as it feels special. Many won’t want to miss out if somethings only available for a short period of time. 

Devilish discounts and promotions: 

Offering customers Halloween-specific promotions and discounts can help to drive sales. For example, labelling the promotion something like “Spooky Savings” encourages customers to shop or book your services for the holiday season. You could also run a themed giveaway on your social media platforms. Engage your audience by encouraging them to participate. Try including various requirements such as following your business on socials and tagging a friend. This increases customer interaction and introduces potential new customers to your business. 

Host a haunted Halloween event: 

Throwing a themed party or event suitable for all ages is a great way to increase foot traffic of new and existing customers. Theres no need for your event to come at a big cost; some free treats, festive music, and some decorations can go a long way. Hosting an in-person event is a great way to network and allow your customers to really get to know the personal side of your business. 
Halloween offers a unique opportunity to engage with your audience while boosting your brands presence. With these marketing tips, you can create a bewitching marketing campaign that leaves a lasting impression and helps your business thrive during the spooky season. 
If you’d like to discuss a Halloween marketing strategy for your business, or find out more about how we can help, please get in touch. Call us on 01604 698 948 or email us on and we’ll arrange to meet for a coffee and a chat. 
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