Everyone loves a good story. Human’s have been weaving tales of truth and fiction way before people could write. The British and European cultures are based upon a bardic tradition where people would travel from place to place with news and fictions. And we haven’t changed. We’re all still compelled by narrative and world-building. 
Powerful marketing has always drawn upon the magic of storytelling. Television adverts created little miniseries of fictional characters gliding through connected events, and even radio messaging deployed narrative driven dialogue to sell products and services. Stories still forge connections, evoke emotions, and leave semi-permanent marks on your memory. They’re not simply fairy tales or fables, stories are marketing tools that takes your brand from forgettable to fantastic. 
But where do you begin? 
Here is your toolbox of storytelling techniques to help you craft compelling marketing campaigns that resonate with your UK audience. 

1. The Underdog Story: A Firm Favourite 

Think David vs Goliath, Eddie the Eagle, Dodgeball, or Cool Runnings. Nothing beats a good underdog story. Every brand has one, or are in the middle of one. 
Showcase your brand’s journey from the humble beginnings in the corner of your attic. Show how your brand faced adversity, how it failed, how it came back to life like a character from Game of Thrones. How did your brand overcome the challenges in your industry? 
This type of narrative taps into the inherent desire to root for the underdog and positions your brand as relatable and authentic. 

2. The Hero's Journey: A Universal Tale 

As much as we all like an underdog, everyone also likes a hero. In marketing this works one of two ways. 
Brand as hero: You are Robin Hood; you are Katniss Everdeen. The customers need your help, and you work tirelessly to help them achieve their goals with your service. They don’t need shoes, they need comfort and good balance, it just so happens that your brand sells shoes that will give them that. 
Customer as hero: Heroes have puzzles to solve, riddles to think about. With every conundrum your hero can’t solve, a solution is desperately needed. That is your brand. As your hero fights against the tide in their own industry, you’re the secret weapon. You are Excalibur, you are Samwise Gamgee. Without you, the hero will have a hard time. 

3. Customer Testimonials: Real People, Real Stories 

Sometimes it’s better to use real stories. Rather than sitting crafting up hypothetical narratives, make use of autobiographical accounts from your customers. If there are people your brand has genuinely helped, then the stories their reviews tell will help you. 
For more detailed storytelling, you could be their scribe. You can interview your customers and write a testimonial that provides information for newer prospects. Their stories add more credibility to your offering. 
Reviews and case study concepts

4. Humour: A Winning Approach 

One of the most watched genres of film is comedy. There are few people that wouldn’t enjoy an episode or two of Only Fool’s and Horses, or Brooklyn 99. People genuinely feel more connected to people that can make them laugh. Humour is memorable, and if you’re funny, then you’re memorable. 
If you content isn’t offensive, don’t be afraid to draw a droplet of laughter from your audience. 


Keep it concise: Attention spans are short, so focus on a clear message delivered efficiently. 
Emotional connection is key: Make your audience laugh, cry, or feel inspired. 
Tailor your story to your audience: Understand what resonates with your target demographic. 
Visuals are powerful: Use images, videos, or infographics to enhance your storytelling. 
By incorporating these storytelling techniques, you can craft marketing campaigns that captivate your UK audience and propel your brand to success. So, ditch the dry sales pitches and let the power of storytelling take centre stage! 
For more information, or for help with your marketing, then please get in touch and we can arrange a coffee and a chat. Contact us on 01604 698 948 or email hello@tj-marketing.co.uk with any enquiries. 
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