All small business want to know and understand how website visitors travel around their website and whether they can find what they want. User Experience (UX) is spoken about a lot. Website visitors want to find the information that is important to them quickly and easily. They are not going to trawl through all your website content just to find the answer to one question that they have. They will just move onto the next website. 

What is the UX of your website like? 

You can ask your friends and colleagues to look around your website and give you feedback. Although the likelihood is that they know your business, so they won’t be looking with a fresh set of eyes. They have probably already been on your website before, so know where everything is. They might also feel a bit awkward, giving potentially unwelcome negative feedback. Even if it has been asked for. 

What if you could watch your website visitor’s actions? 

This isn’t a new thing, you may have heard of Hotjar, which has been around since 2014. What Hotjar and similar programs do is record the actions of your website visitors. It shows you when then scroll, where they click, how long they are on a page, it’s basically watching in real time. There is a free version, which allows up to 35 visitors a day, but that’s not a lot. There are other programs available as well, that all have a free version, such as Mouseflow and Smartlook. 

But what about Bing Clarity? 

The first thing to say is that it’s free! It doesn’t matter how many website visitors you have per day or per month, it’s still free! In our book that’s always a good thing. The 2nd thing is it’s easy to use. We can hear you saying, yes but’s it’s Bing. We know, but it works and can really help with your UX. It is also fully GDPR Compliant, and all sensitive information that is entered into your website is hidden from their servers automatically. Although you can change these settings, to see more or less and add to specific sections if required. 

Installing Bing Clarity 

To install Bing Clarity, you just need to install a short piece of code into your website, or you can use Google Tag Manager. Installing the code is probably the easier option unless you understand how to use Google Tag Manager. It can also be integrated with your Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Which gives you even more information. 

Using Bing Clarity 

Once you have installed Bing Clarity, you can start collecting data from your website visitors immediately if you added the code snippet, although it can take a few hours if you used the Google Tag Manager option. On accessing the Bing Clarity dashboard, you can view visitor sessions and heatmaps. Both are really useful when understanding how website visitors use your site. 
One of the great things about being able to physically watch how a visitor navigates your website, is you can see where they click. This helps you understand if a visitor is expecting a clickable link and if there isn’t one, add one. It shows you a summary for each visit, so you can quickly see where in the world the visitor originates from and on what device. It shows the entry page, how long they were on your website, how many pages they viewed and which page they left at. Each visitor also has their own ID code, which means you can also see how many times they visited your website and follow their journey. 
There is the ability to set filters, so if you only wanted to view how your mobile website visitors found your UX, you can filter them. Depending on your industry, mobile users may be your biggest audience, if that’s the case you need to ensure your website is optimised for mobile. Can they see everything they need to? Do they have to scroll too far to find what they are looking for? 
If you have a commerce website, it allows you to see the buying journey. Are there any sticking points, if so fix them. 

Bing Clarity Conclusion 

We have been using Bing Clarity for a number of years now and it is a powerful tool, which is free and easy to use. Seeing how real people navigate their way around your website is very important, but also highly addictive. You have been warned. 
We don’t recommend that you watch every session as you will be there a long while. So, decide what you would like to focus on. As an example, you could decide to just view mobile visitors that are on your website for over 3 minutes. If you are running Google Ads, you might want to just watch how they move around your website. This is something that we have found very useful. Google Ads traffic won’t hang around on your website, if they can’t find what they want quickly, they will go to the next business. So being able to optimise the landing page further after taking into consideration website users, can really help. 
Ready to try Bing Clarity, just click here. 
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