Content is King 

Raising the profile of your business to attract new customers is practically impossible unless you provide your audience with relevant and valuable content. 
Content is an over-arching term for any asset that is used to communicate a message. It doesn’t just apply to the written word but covers everything from text and videos to webinars and podcasts. By researching your audience carefully you will begin to build a picture of the mediums they prefer to engage with. 
The phrase ‘Content is King’ is often used in the digital marketing world and savvy-marketers understand just how crucial a well-defined content strategy is when it comes to reaping big rewards. 
Let’s take a look at some of the ways that compelling content can elevate your business above that of your competitors. 

Make your brand a trusted authority 

In the online world, customers are increasingly doing their homework before making a purchase and with so many companies wanting their business, how do you ensure your business stands tall? 
Give your customers a reason to trust you. Publish regular blog posts, create community-valued content for your social media channels and provide quality information on a regular basis that establishes you as a trusted authority – and trust is a key driver for anyone making a purchasing decision. 

Make the search engines love you 

Gone are the days of badly written and keyword-loaded content on websites and blogs. Search engines such as Google run highly sophisticated algorithms to ensure they are promoting high-quality content that has context and is delivered in a meaningful manner to the consumer. 
If you’re looking for search engine optimization gold, then it’s a really simple equation: Genuinely unique, informative content = Increased rankings on search engines. 

Get to know your customers better 

Your followers across social media channels have chosen to follow you. They are already interested in your products or services and that’s a great start. Content can help leverage that relationship further. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, or post articles, infographics or videos that provoke debate and get your social media community talking. Then use the feedback to create increasingly valuable content that your followers will look forward to seeing in their timelines. 

Educate or entertain 

If a customer is researching a product or service with a view to making a purchase, they want to be educated. This could be in the form of a ‘How To…’ guide or a webinar that explains your service and increases their knowledge. If your brand provides all the information they are seeking, there is no need for them to look elsewhere. 
Alternatively, consumers are looking for content to entertain them. Using a social media quiz or a poll is a fun way to interact with your audience (and sneakily educate them about your brand while they take part). Win win! 

Did we mention ‘relevancy’? 

We can’t stress this enough. 
The real importance of any kind of tangible content is the relevancy to your audience. That’s what is going to make your business rise above your competitors. If your content is of no genuine use, doesn’t improve their lives or solve a problem, they simply won’t hang around. 

Let’s talk about your content strategy 

If you can see the value of a content marketing strategy but are unsure where to begin, let’s have an informal chat so I can find out more about your business and your audience. From website reviews and blogs to social media marketing and the creation of a full content marketing plan, we have a wealth of marketing experience that we can apply to drive your business forward. 
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