When you are considering your brand identity, you should think about the entire customer experience, as your brand will often be the first interaction a potential new client has with your business. With so many companies vying for attention, it’s crucial that your brand stands out and makes an impactful impression on them. 
Branding is often thought of in terms of a company logo, but creating a brand goes way beyond a graphical element. Colours and fonts have an important part to play too, as do brand guidelines which allow you to maintain consistency across all aspects of your marketing strategy and advertising elements. 

Love your logo 

A well-designed logo should be easy to recognise – think of McDonalds golden arches, or the Nike Swoosh. Consider your logo as a simple, yet functional way to signpost potential customers to your brand. 
It’s essential that your logo works across all online and offline advertising platforms, from large banners to a webpage viewed on a mobile phone screen, and remains instantly recognisable. 
Investing in your logo will pay dividends in the long run. Get your logo right and you’ll build consistency and trust with your target audience. 

The psychology of colour 

Did you know that up to 90%* of a person’s judgement on product choice is based on colour alone? It’s a statistic that underpins the importance of the colours you choose for your logo and brand identity. 
When deciding on a colour, think about how you want your brand to be perceived. Blue is often used by financial institutions as it evokes trust and loyalty, whilst red is a very emotional colour linked to passion and excitement. 
It’s also wise to consider any negative connotations a colour may have, as red can also imply danger or anger, which means it wouldn’t work well for a business that wants to portray a calm, relaxed image, such as a yoga school. 
Our purple TJ Marketing logo is linked to creativity, imagination and innovation, which is exactly the image we want to promote to our customers. 

Don’t fall foul of fonts 

The typography you choose for your brand is key to attracting the right audience. Picking just one or two fonts for your brand is the optimum number, we’ve seen many websites with multiple fonts displayed on them, which makes them hard to view and turns off most customers before they read the content. 
Your choice of font should always reflect the brand image you want to portray to your customer. A florist or bridal dress shop might choose a curly, cursive font that incorporates flourishes and swirls to look romantic. 
Now imagine a similar style of font on a website for pest control or a personal trainer. It simply wouldn’t look right and would confuse the reader to the point that they may not feel able to relate to your brand. 

Stick to your brand guidelines 

We also recommend creating a set of brand guidelines that specify how your logo can (or can’t) be used. If should never be distorted or stretched and the colours should never be changed. It’s always a good idea to include the Pantone reference of your branding colours in the guidelines to maintain continuity. 
Of course, there are instances where a logo may need to be altered to suit a certain background, so we always advise creating a white version of your logo which can be used as an alternative. 

Get the brand your business deserves 

If this all sounds daunting, never fear. TJ Marketing has a wealth of experience in advising customers on their branding to ensure they get it right first time. If you’d like to know more, contact us or call 01604 698948 to get the branding your business deserves. 
*Source: Impact of colour on marketing - Satyendra Singh 
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