The end of another busy year is whirling to a close. Right now, we’re looking forward to putting our feet up, having one too many mince pies, and finally having some time to relax. Before you know it, however, you’ll be back in the meeting rooms strategising for a whirlwind 2023. 
If you’re in the marketing team, your goals will be simple. Reach more people; nurture more relationships. The marketing department is key to the growth of your overall business. So how do you plan to do that next year? 
Here are some New Year’s resolutions you can make to stay on top of your game in 2023. 

Look into emerging technologies 

The marketing world is a constantly moving and evolving environment. There are more ways than ever to reach your audience, more techniques that need to be adopted, and an almost infinite evolution of software to help you reach those goals. Just because we are no longer in the stuffy auditoriums of university, doesn’t mean that learning has stopped. 
Make it your New Year’s resolution to spend some time researching new ways to reach your audience. Look to see what software is being developed, and what is coming on all social media networks. There is never any harm in taking a free trial of some new software to see if it is a better investment than the solution you already have. 

Prioritise the user experience in the New Year 

The hero of all your marketing has to be the potential customer. If you have been struggling for engagement throughout 2022, it’s perhaps time to look at why. Everything from your website to your social media channels need to be attractive and interactive. 
When you strategise for the new year, research ways to attract and keep the attention of your buyer persona. 
Make your New Year’s resolution to prioritise the user experience and increase your brand engagement. 

Spend more time being social in 2023 

There are many ways to be social. You can spend more time on social media interacting with potential customers, or you can get out in to the big wide world and shake a few hands. 
Both are great ideas for building your business. 
Put some time aside to sit on LinkedIn and Facebook to make and interact with new connections. Talk to new customers, brand advocates, and potential referrers. But also, increase the amount of networking events you attend. These are not only great ways to grow your business, but also great ways to increase your personal profile. After all, people trust people not brands. 

Be visible in the community 

Your local community is the bread and butter of your business. Before taking on the world, you have to work on taking on your town. Helping out in your community will not only demonstrate your values and ethics, but it will establish your business as a part of the community. 
Support a local charity, attend local events, help out other businesses in some small measure. All of these things will help raise your business profile in the local community and make networking so much easier. 
For more ways to approach your 2023 marketing, contact us today on 01604 698 948, or email with your enquiry. 
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