It’s crazy to think that I’ve already been at TJ Marketing Services for a year now. 
This apprenticeship seems to have happened in the blink of an eye, but they do say that time flies when you’re having fun. 

Since Last Time 

Following from my last blog post, I’ve learnt a lot more about different marketing strategies and the elements of marketing such as SEO, copywriting, social media and more. 
It’s difficult to condense all the experience and everything I’ve learnt over the past year into a few words, but I’m going to attempt it. 
I’ve been having a much more hands on approach to tasks and I even specifically manage certain clients of ours. My favourite one being a garden landscaping company, even though I’m told we’re not really allowed to have favourites. I’ve had a lot to do with creating the content for their new website, which I’ve really enjoyed. 

Social Media 

A main aspect of my apprenticeship has been focusing on social media and how it can greatly benefit businesses and help them extend their brand awareness. 
Creating regular social media posts for a number of our clients has been interesting as it involves a lot of research and looking at trending topics. I’ve also been looking more at analytics and what times and dates have been getting the most engagement to see when it’s best to post. 
A recent area I’ve been utilising is Facebook Groups. Finding local groups and sharing posts there really helps to increase engagement and overall reach. 

Website Knowledge 

Following from my last post, I’ve learnt a lot more about websites and the importance of SEO. 
I’ve focused a lot on creating location pages which can help a website rank better in different places. 
I’ve also focused a lot on two clients in particular and spent time researching the areas around where they are based and where their services extend to. 

 Service Pages 

Another aspect I’ve been focusing on is creating web pages that detail what services the client offers and what makes their business different from everyone else’s. 
At TJ Marketing, we take a more personal approach to marketing to ensure we fully understand our client’s needs and the target audience they want to reach so that our services are bespoke to meet these requirements. 

The Reward of Results 

I’ve found marketing to be very rewarding when seeing how I’ve been able to help a client increase their brand awareness and gain new customers. 
I think this has been my favourite aspect of my apprenticeship. 
Hearing good news from a client makes you feel like what you’re doing is having a huge benefit to their business. 

On an End Note 

Before starting this position, I didn’t have a lot of prior knowledge about marketing. I feel that even after a few months, I learnt so much and picked up a lot of new skills. I definitely think that I understand marketing better now and am more aware of all the different aspects of marketing and how important they all are. 
I’ve truly enjoyed this wonderful opportunity and it’s amazing seeing also how TJ Marketing has grown as a company. I’ve always felt very inspired by having such a determined leader, and I’m excited to see what the future holds. 
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