Whilst our first thoughts during the current global pandemic are for the health and safety of our loved ones, there is also the additional pressure on small businesses to make the move to a digital marketing strategy to see them through the tough times ahead. 

Get a website and make it work for you 

We hear you. As a small business owner you have enough on your plate to deal with already, but have you ever stopped to consider how a lack of web presence could be damaging your business? 
Your customers routinely turn to the web before purchasing a product or service. They check out reviews and visit several websites before making a purchasing decision. This makes having an online presence a ‘must-have’ in our modern economy. If you are not online but your competitors are, then you are going to lose out. 
If you already have a website, then it’s time to review your content. Check all the information is up to date and give your website a spring clean. There are important areas to look at to make sure your website is performing optimally. Are your contact details easy to find? Is your website mobile-friendly? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, is the information they need easily accessible and visible? 
Lockdown has given us all the luxury of time, use it wisely to ensure your website is working hard for you to give your business the best chance of survival in these unsettled times. 
It’s a common misconception that websites are expensive, but when you factor in the additional exposure and potential new customers it can bring to your business, a website should be considered a worthy investment. 

Social media is more relevant than ever before 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought communities together. We all need support, education and information to see us through the crisis, and we’re turning to social media to provide these resources. 
The right content is crucial to business success – and we are not talking the hard sell here – but simply providing relevant and useful information that will keep your business in your customer’s thoughts when they are ready to purchase. 
Your customers are looking to be educated and to be reassured and if your social media channels can provide the resources they need, then you have an immensely powerful marketing tool at your fingertips. 
Popular social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are great places to start – and they are all free to use. 
If networking is important to your business, then set up a professional profile on LinkedIn, which provides connections to thousands of like-minded business people in your industry. 

If this sounds daunting – We can help… 

We are an all-round marketing agency with years of experience in helping small businesses reach their maximum potential across the whole marketing mix. 
If you are looking for advice on how to get started with social media, or to get the most out of your existing website (or maybe know you need a website but don’t know where to start), then contact us for a friendly chat. 
We are currently offering free website audits and offer no obligation meetings via video call to adhere to social distancing measures, to discuss how we can help you. We would love to help your business plan a robust marketing strategy to guide you through these uncertain times. 
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