Have you heard about Facebook Wi-Fi? It’s new, exciting, and it’s mystifying that more people aren’t talking about it. After all, it promises to be a powerful tool for anyone in the B2C sector. 
If you’re in marketing, you will be familiar with the constant hunt for user generated content and brand advocacy. They are the two holiest of grails for any marketer. It is something we are always looking for when we begin a new marketing campaign. 
Facebook Wi-Fi looks like it will be able to help you achieve both. 

How Facebook Wi-Fi works 

If you are a restaurant, a hotel, hairdresser, or a million other businesses in industries that see a lot of foot traffic in their building, then you have probably already been sharing your Wi-Fi with customers. It’s not a new thing, in fact it is probably expected in most hospitality outlets these days. 
So, for a customer, extraordinarily little changes; other than to get access to your Wi-Fi they have to visit your Facebook page and check-in. And for them, that’s it. That is as difficult as it gets. 
Obviously, when they have checked in, it impacts your business in a variety of ways. Immediately, friends of your customer that are on Facebook can see that they have checked in somewhere. 

This means your Facebook page is seen by more people 

You probably know, that when someone chooses to check in somewhere, Facebook creates a post. So, when Thomas sits in your coffee shop and checks-in, all of his friends can see where he is enjoying his tea and cake. 
It is beautifully simple. 
Your business allows your customer to scroll through the newest articles from their favourite eZine, and in return, your customer willingly tells everyone they know about it. 
It is a win-win scenario, where your customer becomes a willing brand advocate, and anyone they know in the near vicinity have been exposed to your brand. The more people that use your internet, the wider the reach. 
And this alone should be enough for all you those in the hospitality sector to start to consider Facebook Wi-Fi. 
But there’s more. 

Facebook Wi-Fi easy to install and there are actionable analytics 

Here’s the thing. If you are already busy, and you are already giving your Wi-Fi to customers, then you might not see the benefit of this. It might seem more hassle than it is worth getting changed over. 
However, Daventry-based experts Keba Computer Services could be able to have your Facebook Wi-Fi installed within half an hour
Having tested it themselves, they have been able to report back that it is easy to use and can be installed quickly. Moreover, Facebook Insights give you information that you can use in your marketing campaigns. 
As a customer you will be able to see peak times for people sharing content, this way, you can time your marketing campaigns to fit alongside showcasing your services right when people will already be directed to your page. 
And, another bonus point, if someone is online looking for a place with free Wi-Fi, they will be alerted through Facebook itself. 
It really is a hassle-free system. 

You may still be unconvinced 

It’s fine if you are not completely sold on the idea. It might not suit every business anyway. But, it might suit your competitors. 
Bear in mind that Facebook is the most used social media platform amongst your customers. It provides them with ways to communicate with each other, and through that they can recommend businesses to each other. The marketing power of Facebook Wi-Fi demonstrate an unignorable potential. 
If you have any questions, or are interested in Facebook Wi-Fi, let us know, we can point you in the right direction. 
Let’s have a coffee and a no obligation chat. 
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