As I’m new to TJ Marketing, I thought I’d start this by introducing myself, I’m Mary and I’ve joined as a marketing apprentice. 
After officially finishing college in July, I felt that I was ready to join the business world, but still wanted to continue learning. Therefore, an apprenticeship seemed like the best option for me, and due to my creative side, I chose to look into a marketing apprenticeship. 

The Interview Stage 

Preparing for my interview was nerve racking, but I honestly feel that it’s the best interview I’ve had so far. The atmosphere felt warm and welcoming and I felt that this is somewhere that I’d love to work. Speaking with Tracy and seeing how passionate she is about TJ Marketing made me feel inspired, that this was something I really wanted to be a part of. 

 First weeks of being a Marketing Apprentice 

My first week into my new role, I was introduced to many new faces and joined my first ever networking meeting which was insightful and a little daunting at the same time. I was able to listen in and learn about everyone’s businesses and got to view a presentation done by one of the members. 
Attending a photoshoot for the first time was very educational as I got to learn about the use of light and shadows in order to make the products stand out in the photographs. Arranging the items so that there were certain focus points and reflections was insightful as I got to understand the timing that goes into getting the perfect photo. 
I had a session in learning about website design and how to set up certain features to make the content look more appealing. Including more pictures for example, helps attract the readers eye to the page instead of it just being a block of writing. Dividers and spacers are extremely useful in breaking up content so that it reads easier. 

Learning about Marketing 

Learning about our client’s businesses and the ways we market their company really fascinated me. I learnt about how the different social media platforms and content writing work for each company, and which ones worked well. 
A feature I didn’t know about too well was Google My Business but seeing the importance of setting it up for each of our clients made me realise how influential it could be. This is due to your company being more likely to be seen if you have a profile. 

The Usage of Marketing Tools 

Within my role here, I’ve learned about the usefulness of scheduling tools and always having content ready in advance. I’ve been learning about how to use Social Pilot and Hootsuite for this, both which I enjoy using. 
I’ve also learnt about the importance of consistent branding and how your brand needs to be displayed in the same way across all platforms. If there isn’t a colour scheme used and it’s all random, it can confuse people as it could look like there’s more than one company. The message of your company also needs to be the same as it shows what you stand for. 
The time has passed very quickly since I started my first day as it’s already been two months, but I’ve enjoyed every moment of being here. I can’t wait to see where this wonderful opportunity leads me. 
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