Got a question for all you ecological time lords. Why is it that the cold autumn and winter months just keep getting longer? Every year the seasons are like Game of Thrones. Although we are here with the sun starting to shine, there’s a grim Yorkshire accent in the back of our minds reminding us that “winter is coming”. 
We really want to make the most of Summer. Soon there will be kids screaming in the streets, ice cream vans wailing on the roads, and the beaches will be crammed with tourists. In amongst all that racket, how are you going to get your business noticed? 
What are you doing to market your business ready for summer? 

You're adding a lot of colour to your marketing 

That’s a great place to start. In our minds, summer is a colourful happy time. The long greys and whites of winter are long behind us; we’re all in it for the eye-popping pizzazz. 
Whatever product it is you’re marketing, if you want people to associate it with the good times that can be had when the sun is riding the sky, it’s got to be colourful. If you can add a little psychedelia to your marketing without going off brand, do it. 

You're taking your marketing outdoors 

ou know what isn’t great about summer? Being stuck indoors, sweating because air conditioning only has “Sahara” or “Antarctica” settings. There’s also that one guy sitting near the window complaining that it’s like being in a greenhouse. Summer really isn’t an indoor venture, is it? 
Create positive vibes by taking your camera outdoors into the local park or beach. Anywhere that shows your product can be used in the summer air. 

You're running a stall at a local event 

This is a great idea. Physically get yourself and your brand out into the summer heat and meet people when they are already happy. Most towns and cities have various festivals or get-togethers where businesses sell or exhibit alongside the main events. 
Nobody attends one of these festivals with the intention to be miserable, so it is easy to make a positive association with your brand and the good times they’re having. 

You're printing summer merchandise 

Everyone has shed their winter layers and are parading around in t-shirts. There are a lot of water bottles being carried around, frisbees being thrown, sun hats being worn. Every single one of these items could have your logo emblazoned on it. 
No matter what your business is, great marketing often provides value or usefulness to your prospect. Products such as these can be used in such a way that they can only ever have positive associations with your brand. 

You're looking forward to a time when kids go back to school 

Aren’t. We. All? 
Those little cherubs haven’t left the school gates yet and we are dreading the mess our houses will be over the six weeks. There’s going to be noise; there’s going to be tears; there’s going to be an endless chorus of “I want”. And then, they go back to school. 
Your summer campaign could quite easily incorporate the annual joyous occasion when your kids go back to school. Preparing them for the return by getting clothes early, stationary, and other things that your business can provide to help them at school, and to give their parents hope. 
If you are looking for the perfect summer campaign, or need some ideas, we can always meet for a coffee to discuss it. Contact us today on 01604 698 948. 
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