I know I know. I have just used the dreaded C word in public at it is only just November. But here we are. Mariah Carey and Cliff Richard are being defrosted as we speak, and soon there will be snowflakes and elves everywhere. Big brands and small businesses are just about to make things sparkle. 
However, here’s the thing: 
It doesn’t matter what level of Bah-Humbugginess you are currently operating at, Christmas is happening. And, it is the biggest sales opportunity of the year. 
So, to help you stand out – here is a selection of unusual Christmas marketing ideas for your small business. 

#1: Work with another small business 

Everyone is in the same boat, aren’t they? You want to make sure that you are lightyears ahead of your competition, raking in all their sales, and leaving them in the snow. But sometimes, it pays to be a little bit cooperative. 
For instance. 
If you are a local cheese shop, imagine the hamper you could put together by working with a local butcher? If you are a clothes shop, what accessories could you recommend from a local jeweller that will make your customer gleam like a shiny tinsel explosion at the Christmas party? 
Thinking of the bigger picture can often sway a customer into making the purchase there and then because it saves time and worry. 

#2 Channel your inner Grinch 

You know what everyone is going to be doing already. You have seen it every year of your life, and it isn’t going to change. There will be talking snowmen, saccharine pop records, and reindeer. Your big brands have lorries ploughing through your television adverts, and every small business has learned how to make their website snow. 
But what if you just didn’t? 
What if you let your inner Grinch out to play for a month? 
For a lot of adults, Christmas is about screaming kids; turkeys that don’t fit into the oven; cats pulling down Christmas trees; as well as a million other relatable problems that will make your customers laugh. 

#3 Create useful holiday videos 

There is so much stress around the holidays, isn’t there? People also don’t have an awful lot of time to spend consuming extensive convoluted campaigns. But what they definitely do need is a little help. 
Now, you can’t go to their home, hoover their carpets, wrap all their presents, and cook their turkey for them. What you can do is create short videos that will help them. 
Like how to quickly wrap gifts, or how to make the best stuffing. 
If you sell a lot of flat-pack items, you could publish demonstrative videos showing your customers exactly how to assemble them. 

#4 Get involved with a local charity 

Are you ready for a Christmas cliché? 
“Christmas is a time for giving”. 
There will be charities in your area that are close to your heart or share a similar ethical stance to your business. So, help them raise money. This is not to suggest that you cynically jump on the bandwagon of an important or trending cause just to make a sale. Working with a charity at Christmas demonstrates your willingness to give back to the local community. 
Over recent years there has been a large shift in the marketplace where millennials are choosing brands because of their values rather than competitive prices. By aligning yourself with a charity, you will be increasing your visibility and attracting a wider audience. 

#5 Santa didn’t get me what I wanted 

Christmas doesn’t end on the 25th of December. People are back out at the shops spending vouchers and getting accessories to accompany the Christmas presents they have received. Whatever you are doing to get ready for Christmas, also prepare a weeklong: “Santa didn’t get me what I wanted” sale for all those after Christmas purchases. 
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